Our customers benefit from the refinement of the CANCOM Service Factory. We refine all devices according to your individual needs, no matter whether mobile terminals, notebooks, printers or server and rack systems. Our comprehensive service ensures that you can fully concentrate on your business. If you wish, your products can be used immediately and you can pick up where you left off.




The first step is to upgrade your hardware, for example by placing a display foil onto the screens. Afterwards the refuelling takes place. Your devices receive your desired operating system and pre-installed apps or programs. We are able to refuel 1,500 devices per shift. So you have everything you need to work when you receive the equipment. This increases your efficiency and flexibility, as you can react very quickly to new developments in your company.



The next step is the inventory. This includes software license management and device pool management via a Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB).



Finally, the hardware components are tested. In order to work as efficiently as possible, we use scalable and standardized manufacturing processes.


Mobile devices
  • Auspacken, Labeln, Scannen, Beschriften, Grundeinrichtung, Reinigen, Verpacken
  • Unpacking, labelling, scanning, inscribing, basic equipment, cleaning, packaging
  • Install SIM card
  • Laser Engraving/Printing
  • Create manufacturer accounts
  • Login to management software
  • Install Free APP
  • APP with data volume
  • APP via voucher (APP give-away)
  • Arrangement of APPs according to customer specifications
  • Change background image
  • Personalize, customize settings, change SIM PIN
  • Dispatch to desired address
  • Complete charging of the battery
Clients, printers, server/rack systems
  • Auspacken, Labeln, Scannen, Beschriften, Inventarisieren, Reinigen, Verpacken
  • Unpacking, labelling, scanning, inscribing, basic equipment, cleaning, packaging
  • Installation of various hardware components
  • Firmware Update + Test
  • Bios Settings according to specifications
  • Raid configuration or ILO configuration according to specification
  • Installation Basic image
  • Installation via software distribution
  • Image creation by transfer of a master PC
  • Adapt existing customer image
  • Data deletion software-based with certificate


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