To put your new equipment quickly into operation, our experts take care of the smooth dispatch of your products – whether by courier, air, sea or truck transport. The delivery is made individually and completely according to your needs. On request, we can even deliver to the desk of your employees.


We store your goods both short- and long-term and deliver the devices on call with delivery date directly to you. For project customers we offer the possibility to obtain their own storage location.



According to your specifications, we deliver the products worldwide to the desired location. Our experts take care of shipping your products – whether by courier, air, sea or truck.
To ensure that the new equipment can be put into operation directly, your old equipment is first dismantled. The setup can be done directly at the workstation of the end user. If the new equipment has been delivered with packaging, we will also take care of its proper disposal.
When the old equipment is taken back, it is safely transported back to the service factory in lockable roll containers and is discharged certified. A possible remarketing or an environmentally friendly scrapping of your old devices takes place completely according to your desire!


We offer numerous shipping methods, such as special shipping or shipping by express or courier. On request, we can even deliver to the desk of your employees. The delivery is made entirely according to your needs: in sealed lattice wagons, in boxes or completely without packaging.


CANCOM International Logistics handles the worldwide shipping of the entire product portfolio. We choose the best possible and most cost-efficient service: whether by courier, air freight, sea freight or truck transport.
We provide you with competent support throughout the entire process: from the preparation of export documents to logistical preparation and dispatch.

+ Cooperation with 15 service providers and forwarding agents
+ Professionalization of our logistics: 50 percent increase in our international shipments in recent years
+ AEO certificate: Simplified customs procedure in compliance with all customs and tax regulations

Benefit from high export standards with CANCOM International Logistics


Thanks to our experts in the Onsite and Repair Center, you will receive reliable help in the event of IT failures or malfunctions so that you can continue your work as quickly as possible.
In addition, colleagues from the Onsite and Repair Center are responsible for handling CANCOM Care packages and swap services within the EU and Switzerland.

Qualified support for smooth business operations

Our modular user help desk packages adapt to your needs. Whether you need to repair or replace equipment, we guarantee sustainable support.
We offer various types of repairs: on-site and in-house, inside and outside the warranty. We also fix all kinds of malfunctions. The recovery of data and the diagnosis of errors are also part of our tasks.


The point of packaging return and disposal is also very relevant for us. There are five stations for the different recyclable materials. We recycle cardboard, foil, polystyrene, wood and residual waste.

The containers with a capacity of 22 m³ all have a SIM card and automatically inform the disposal company when they are 80% full, which then collects the tons. This enables us to save internal resources in communication with the waste disposal company.

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Markus Konhäuser
Manager Service Factory